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The Spencer Family



Family Photos

2009-09-17 Ella Theresia Spencer is BORN!

2009-07 Smolevitz/Polonsky/Gordon

2009-02-23 Empendada party with Zmolek Cousins

2009-02-22 Spencer, Thomspon Winget Reunion

2009-01-12 FHE

2008-12-20 Glen & Melissa's wedding

2008-11-25 Thanksgiving

2008-10-31 Halloween

2008-10-27 Halloween Party at our house

2008-10-06 Beehive Initiation/Kidnapping (YW)

2008-09-20 St George

2008-09-01 Spencer Family Baseball Game

2008-08-23 Joe & Ely Wedding (jer's cousin)

2008-08-10 7 Spencer Grandsons

2008-07-04 Fireworks @ Jeff & Krystal's

2008-06-01 Trip to AZ

2008-05-16 Spencer in town

2008-05-10 Scott and Louise trip to Nauvoo

2008-04-29 New Garden

2008-04-15 Swim Class

2008-04-05 Family Pictures

2008-03-23 Easter

2008-03-14 St Louis Trip

2008-03-14 Rosie Baptized

2008-03-16 Austin's Mission Farewell

2008-03-15 Jason & Indira Wedding in St Louis

02/08-Visitng the Planetarium with Thompsons

12/07-The Three Boys

11/07-Motorcycle Rides

11/06-Family Photo

10/06-Halloween 2006

10/06-Pirate Party

09/06-Missionary Boys

09/06-Horsey Rides

09/06-Grandpa's B-day

08/06-Chocolate Cake

08/06-Bear Lake

08/06-Tucciarone Reunion

07/06-Spencer Cousins

07/06-Bear Lake

06/06-Miles and Payton Outside

05/06-Pittsburgh Trip

05/06-Nana's 80th Party

05/06-Kohle's Baptism

05/06-Thompson Twins

01/06-Rich and Traci Wedding

01/06-Little Angels

12/05-Dinosaur Park

12/05-Antelope Island


11/05-Family Picture



09/05-Ryan's Birthday

09/05-Steelers Family

09/05-Juniors 1st Birthday

09/05-Pittsburgh Trip

08/05-The Kids

08/05-Our New House

08/05-Louise's Birthday

08/05-Foxley Family Reunion

05/05-Evan as Michaelangelo

05/05-Evan's Blessing Day

04/05-Mimi and Poppy are Here!

04/05-Seder Dinner

04/05-Rick's Homecoming



12/04-Heidi Batmitzvah

10/04-Halloween in Pittsburgh

10/04-Benedicto Junior Blessing

09/04-Benedicto Junior

09/04-Earl Spencer Funeral

08/04-Earl & Norma Spencer's 58 Anniversary




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Ryan & Bethany
Sergei & Rachel
Poppi & Mimi
Andy & Sheri
Gene & Laura


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