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Payton Joel Spencer



Payton's Photos

2009-02-23 Field trip to the Dentist

2009-02-06 4 yr photoshoot

2009-02-06 Pay's 4th b-day

2008-09-02 First Day of Preschool

02/08-Pay's B-day Party

02/08-Payton Turns 3

06/06-First Hair Cut

02/06-Payton 1st Birthday

01/06-1st Steps(movie)

01/06-Payton 11 months old

01/06-Payton 11 months old

01/06-The First Year

12/05-Payton 10 months old

11/05-Payton 9 months old

10/05-Payton 8 months old

09/05-Payton in the Dishwasher

09/05-Payton 7 months old

08/05-Payton 6 months old

07/05-Payton 5 months old

06/05-The Little Slugger

06/05-Payton 4 months old

05/05-Payton 3 months old

04/05-Payton 2 months old

04/05-Payton's Blessing Day

03/05-Photoshoot on the Bug Blankie


03/05-Payton 1 month old

02/05-Payton Joel Spencer Has Arrived


Family Sites

Ryan & Bethany
Sergei & Rachel
Poppi & Mimi
Andy & Sheri
Gene & Laura


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