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Miles James Spencer





Miles Photos

2009-06 Miles Baseball

2009-06-04 Stewart FIELD DAY!

2009-02-12 Valentines Day party in Mrs. Hatch

2008-11-25 Miles' Thanksgiving Feast at School

2008-10-30 Halloween Party at Miles class

2008-10-02 School Field Trip

2008-08-25 First Day of School

2008-05-20 Gymnastics Show

2008-04-25 Field trip to Zoo

2008-03-31 6th b-day party

2007-10-31 Miles Halloween Party at school

2007-10-01 Miles is the SUPERSTAR at school

2007-09-28 Police Station field trip at school

09/06-First Soccer Game

08/06-1st Day of School


11/05-Ninja Turtle room

11/05-Feature Films

11/05-In the Leaves

08/05-Washing the Car

06/05-Miles and Stuart

03/05-Miles third birthday

08/04-Spencer & Miles @ Dinosaur Park

08/04-Spencer & Miles miniature golfing

06/28/04-Miles' and Stuart's at Lagoon

05/04-Dirty Kids after dinner

04/04-Miles in his Uncle Evan's little slugger hat

03/04-Miles second birthday party

04/03-The first year

03/03-Miles first birthday

03/02-Miles birth


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